Playa del Carmen and Cancun Attractions: XPLOR ACTIVITIES

Activities in Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Xplor activities range from a wide variety of landscapes. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy thrills from over the highest trees in the jungle, through the narrow paths it surrounds and into the Earth’s heart. This adventure park can be explored in complete freedom, since you’ll be the guide to your own experience.

Playa del Carmen Activities | Xplor Park

Playa del Carmen Activities: UNDERGROUND EXPEDITION

A new activity that will take you into the Earth in Xplor. Discover caverns full of crystal-clear water and lots of fun! An expedition where you’ll be finding your path to spectacular scenarios in the most fun and creative ways!

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Cancun Attractions | Xplor Park

Toboganxote (COMING SOON)

A new, surprising waterslide

Get ready to discover the only 5-in-1 waterslide in the world! It combines four different types of descent on a raft for four, to end in an astounding wave pool. Visit the new attraction at Xplor in Riviera Maya.

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Zip-lining over Riviera Maya in two seven-zip-line circuits, both ending with a splash. The highest zip-lines in the destination display the landscape of an endless and evergreen jungle with a Caribbean Sea background. Reach the top of the towers through hanging bridges and slide down into the next adventure with an inevitable smile!

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Xplor Attractions

Playa del Carmen Activities: AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLES (ATVs)

Grab the wheel and make your way into the jungle. Two circuits for our special amphibious vehicles with a capacity of up to two adults and two children. Flooded caverns, narrow roads and hanging bridges make the path for an exciting adventure in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Drivers must show an official ID in order to take control of the vehicle. Minors can ride along and enjoy the adventure on the bumpy road that lies ahead.

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Xplor Activities | Rafts

Playa del Carmen Activities: UNDERGROUND RAFTS

Can you find your way through the narrow paths of an underground river? Grab a single or a double raft and paddle through the beautiful scenery with your own hands. You’ll be given two glove-like paddles that’ll be your only tool to discover the way. Coordinate your arms and try not to crash with everybody! Caution: it’s harder than it seems!

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Activities in Playa del Carmen |Stalactitie River Swim

Playa del Carmen Activities: UNDERGROUND RIVERS

Did you know that the meteorite that caused the dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago happened here, in the Yucatan Peninsula? Did you know it caused a mass system of underground rivers and caverns that are interconnected in the area? At Xplor, you’ll be exploring a prehistoric river as you swim along the stalactite scenery in an underground adventure with freshwater flowing along with you.

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Xplor Attractions | Hammock Splash

Playa del Carmen Activities: HAMMOCK SPLASH

Zip-lining is already incredibly fun. However, adding a bit of Xplor originality will always make everything better. At Hammock Splash, you’ll be boarding a unique hammock that’ll be strapped on to a zip-line. Then, you’ll slide into a refreshing cenote to end with a big splash! A fun activity that can also help those who are afraid of the higher zip-lines to loosen up and gain confidence.

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