Xplor Adventure Park Facilities

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Food and beverages

El Troglodita restaurant

At El Troglodita you will find an exquisite buffet with the perfect combination of fresh, healthy and high quality food to recover your energy and continue to explore.

Oasis and Manantial

Delight with the exotic combination of natural juice and smoothies during the day. Because the night calls for it, Xplor Fuego beverages change to coffee, hot chocolate and champurrado (hot traditional Mexican drink). Enjoy them as much as you want at every moment.

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Since Corazón is the meeting point for all Xplor, every time you pass by it you can hydrate and freshen up with the drinks you will find there. You can also take a very special picture and decide what should be your next adventure.

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Gift shops

At the Triquicueva you can purchase t-shirts, towels, water shoes and all kind of souvenirs. At the Park exit you will find the Hasta la Vista shop, don’t forget to visit it before you go!

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Rest areas

Because adventure needs a break, Xplor park has chairs and hammocks where you can take your time to rest and enjoy the delicious refreshing beverages. Relax, recharge and keep enjoying the Xplor experience.

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Dressing rooms and lockers

Your admission includes dressing rooms and lockers so you can dry off, change clothes and keep all your belongings safe. The key stays with you at all times, since it is attached to a strap that is handed to you at the time of your check-in and you will be able to swim, drive, glide on zip-lines and do every activity without the risk of losing it.

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Photo services

All the pictures of your experience!

At Xplor there are many cameras distributed throughout the Park, placed in the best spots to capture incredible moments. At the end of your experience, you can see all your photographs and purchase them.

Tips to get the best pictures

  • Keep the helmet on at all times during your visit, since it activates the cameras.
  • Smile everytime you see the sign, you are about to get photographed.
  • Take as many pictures as possible; our photo packages include all the pictures of one explorer at the same price.
  • Keep your face uncovered and keep your distance with other visitors so all your pictures are personal.
  • All photographs are digital and you can download them 24 hours after your visit using your ticket number at www.fotoxplor.com

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At Xplor, safety is a top priority, this is why all personnel are highly qualified to attend emergencies, and the Park has a First Aid Unit to handle any unforeseen circumstance.