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Follow these recommendations in your visit to Xplor

Freedom begins at Xplor and it’s important that you’ll be comfortable to fully enjoy this adventure. For this reason, we provide this safety and recommendations tips for our visitors.


Wearing shorts is a good idea. Try and bring the most comfortable you can find, as you may find the harness a bit uncomfortable if your shorts are not too fit for adventure. Remember you’ll be getting completely wet so keep that in mind when choosing them. If you’ll be wearing only your bathing suit, try and go for a swimming trunks option for men, or for women, try a sport short over your swimsuit.


Bring a comfortable t-shirt and keep in mind it will get soaking wet. Tank tops are comfortable too and they help reduce tan lines. Whichever you choose, remember to bring a change of clothes and a towel. You’ll be able to keep them in the lockers while you have fun in complete freedom!


All the activities in the park are bound to leave you with, at least, a refreshing splash. Most of them involve getting fully wet, so yeah, a swimsuit is probably a good idea. Try choosing a comfortable one that allows you to move freely and perform adventurous activities.


A great investment if you’re visiting this adventure park is a pair of shoes for water activities. Sandals might fall off on the zip-lines and regular shoes are not too comfortable when they get soaked. So, the perfect choice are watershoes.

However, if you choose to bring anything else, just keep in mind it must be something that’s well supported to your ankles and that can get wet. You will find them at our stores too.


The park doesn’t offer towel service, so bringing a towel is recommended. You may keep it in your locker along with your change of clothes so you can focus on the fun and come back for them at the end of the day!


You can help us preserve and take care of our ecosystem! To avoid affecting the natural balance of the ecosystem, only use sunblock, sunscreen and insect repellent containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Join our program of using biodegradable and chemical-free products.
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