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Playa del Carmen Activities: UNDERGROUND RAFTS

Make your way through and underground river on an original raft

Surrounded by ancient rock formations, paddle with your hands onboard of fun rafts, among stalactites and stalagmites. The underground river inside the spectacular caverns and caves of Xplor is the result of 65 million years of erosion in a formation that came to be thanks to the meteorite that extinguished dinosaurs. Now, you can explore it yourself using your hands as your propeller while you try to coordinate your way into very narrow paths.

At the underground rafts, you’ll be able to go individually or with a partner. Be careful, going with a partner might make the coordination a lot tougher! However, if you manage to catch the stride of your partner, then you’ll be navigating a lot smoother.

An enormous system of underground flowing freshwater runs along the Riviera May, giving us spectacular natural formations like, cenotes, Cancun caves, and caverns. Exploring them comes as a delight since these surroundings can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Take part in this activity and test your own navigation and coordination skills while you make your own way into discovering an ancient cave. Feel like a true explorer in sceneries that’ll get your inner child running.

  • Two tours, one longer of 342 yd (313 m) and a shorter one of 232 yd (212 m).
  • Depth of 4 ft (1.20 m).
  • Individual and double rafts.
  • Equipment and safety elements: helmet, rafts and hand paddles.
  • The minimum height to participate is 3.3 ft (1 m).