Playa del Carmen Activities: UNDERGROUND EXPEDITION

Explore, slide and have fun in a cave expedition

Discover a new activity at Xplor. Underground Expedition is an adventure that will take you through the most spectacular sceneries underneath the Earth. Crystal-clear waters, stalactites and stalagmites will guide your way through caverns filled with unforgettable views and lots of fun. You will be choosing between two different ways to live this adventure; in a contemplative path or on a more adventurous one, with fun obstacles and challenging passageways. Which one will you choose?

Along the way, you’ll ascend into the trails of the jungle and discover new sights of the park. Later, you’ll be descending again in the most fun of ways through two different aquatic slides. Carry on with your underground hike and find water paths ranging from depths of 1 ft to 3.6 ft. Contemplate the beauty that hides in the center of the Earth and find your own way into an incredible canyon.

Your Underground Expedition will take you through 800 yards of different sceneries, from stalactite caverns and rivers to the trails of the Riviera Maya jungle. The full expedition takes around 30 to 45 minutes through which you’ll find three emergency exits, two aquatic slides, Xelfie spots, and lots of surprises. The activity also counts with hosts and lifeguards for your safety. Lifejackets are not mandatory, however, if needed, you may ask for them. You must wear your helmet at all times.

Safety and services:

  • You’ll be greeted by a host that’ll give you the information needed to take part on the expedition.
  • Safety briefing.
  • Use of helmet during the activity (mandatory).
  • Three lifeguards and seven hosts along the way.
  • Hosts and lifeguard might help you along the adventure and keep your aquatic safety at all times.
    • Underground trail of 800 yards
    • Fun obstacles or a contemplative path
    • Two different aquatic slides
    • Helmet (mandatory)
    • Lifejacket (if needed)
    • For this activity it is mandatory to use closed shoes for safety reasons (tennis or water shoes). Going barefoot or in sandals is not allowed since the floor can be too rocky.
    • You’ll get completely wet on your way. Avoid taking objects that might get damaged.
    • Minimum height: 3’7’’
    • Not suitable for pregnant women
    • Not suitable for people with recent surgeries, epilepsy, heart conditions, back conditions, claustrofobia, asthma, or motor disability that keeps them from walking.