About Xplor

Xplor’s history began 65 million years ago when a 10 km-diameter asteroid crossed through the Earth’s atmosphere and struck the Yucatan peninsula, putting an end to an era and generating a series of changes giving rise to new lifeforms. For millions and millions of years nature sculpted the underground landscape of Xplor. Drop by drop impressive stalactites and stalagmites began taking shape, creative stunning underground decorations and exposing precious fossils.

Xplor Cancun Park opened to the public in July 2009. It is next door to neighboring Xcaret Park, located only 5 minutes from the heart of Playa del Carmen and 45 minutes from Cancun. It takes up 59 hectares, eight of which are adapted underground activities.

Explorers can enjoy six incredible activities: zip-lines, amphibious vehicles, rafts, swimming in underground rivers, spelunking and hammock splash. With nature and adventure at their core, these activities take place in natural settings outdoors and within underground environments. In addition to adventurers’ delights, exquisit and abundant food to recharge the energy. A station of unlimited smoothies and juices, and a delicious BBQ buffet can be enjoyed at “El Troglodita” Restaurant.

And for the most extreme visitors, Xplor offers a new experience that makes it possible to enjoy the sunset and nighttime activities. Xplor Fuego Tour joins the best of two worlds in a night version that invites you to discover new emotions with additional ingredients such as the fire of torches, fireflies and stars that light up caves, paths and bridges.

What this new adventure promises is sunset from the treetops, a venture into the darkness of the jungle and a plunge into the refreshing waters of an underground river, as well as watching the bonfires that ignite your inner fire and sharing space and time with the fauna of the night. Let the light from the stars and moon guide you into the shadows as this invitation is quite unique. Ignite your life with Xplor Fuego, a challenge in the dark like you never could’ve imagined.

Many people come to the Park wishing to live and enjoy incredible experiences filled with adventure and adrenaline and adventure. Xplor is located in a place where the mystery of nature gets exposed in an amazing setting, readily welcoming true explorers.


9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. DST


5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. DST

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