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Xplor Adventure Park Facilities


Dressing rooms, lockers and rest areas.

Dry yourself in the changing rooms provided for your comfort and let yourself go in this experience with nothing but adventure on your mind. The key to your locker is attached to a strap of fabric which you’ll carry with you all the time. We also offer chairs and hammocks where you can relax or taste one of our tasty drinks. Chill out and re-charge your energy to continue exploring the wonders of Xplor.


Restaurant /snack and Soda Fountain

Inside the “El Troglodita”, you can find the perfect mixture of fresh, healthy and high quality food, a great choice of salads, an international buffet and luscious desserts which are light in calories and sugar.
At the soda fountain, you’ll find an exotic combination of fresh fruit juices, coffee, hot chocolate as well as oatmeal and peanut cookies. Nourish your cravings with this mouth-watering buffet as many times as you want!


Shops and Photo Service

Visit the “Triquicueva”. There, you can find anything ranging from t-shirts and towels to key chains and souvenirs. At the exit, you can find the shop “Hasta la Vista”. Don’t forget to pay it a visit before you leave!
During your stay, keep your thoughts in mind... and your smiles on pictures! At the end of your trip and for a small additional cost, our photo shop can provide you with the best snap-shots of your adventure with us!


Customer service and other services

Book your tickets with us through internet at least 7 days in advance and benefit from a 10% discount on your entry at Xplor All Inclusive or Tour Xplor. There will be a special reception waiting for your arrival... It can’t get easier than that ! Our park is equipped with a free parking area, ATMs as well as public telephones. Our employees are trained to respond to emergency situations and we also have First Aid service for any unforeseeable need that might arise.


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