Safety and Recommendations


Get ready with everything you need for a great adventure! To make the most of this incredible experience, here we give you some tips of what a good explorer should bring to the Xplor Park.

Bermuda shorts

We recommend wearing bermuda shorts as the harness might be uncomfortable if you use only your swimsuit or shorts.


For your own confort,it would be the most ideal for you to wear a t-shirt. Do not forget to bring a change of clothes with you as well as an extra towel. You can put all your personal belongings in the lockers.


Due to the nature of our activities and the constant contact with water, we recommend you to use swimsuit during your stay at our park.

Swim Shoes

We advise you to make use of your swim-shoes or any shoes that can stick to your ankle so as to make sure you don´t lose them during the time you spend with us.
Remember you can purchase water shoes at our shops in Xplor.


The park doesn’t offer any towel service which is why it would be suitable for you to bring one with you.


Help us protect the marine wildlife by using biodegradable sunscreen. Sunscreen must be free of chemicals to be used in the Park. If it contains any of the following ingredients, it shall not be used within the Park.


Your safety is the key so you can make the most of your visit; for this reason, we have the safest and most modern equipment. In addition, you'll be surrounded by the best trained staff to ensure your safety at all times.

  • 2 adjustable straps unfolded in a three-step mechanism
  • A 2-inch safety clasp
  • 2 adjustable straps with 2-inch safety clasps
  • Average weight of vest: 450 grams
  • Minimum weight capacity: 40kg.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 kg.

An adjustable Harness, compact and light, very popular in the Alpine region and in raids.

A unique single tie-in point situated at the top of the belt system Dyneema ensures excellent wear resistance.

Steel Cable

A Stainless steel ½inch cable with dimension of 7x19cm and a resistance of 180kg/mm.


• Average weight for a one-person raft: 150 kg
• Average weight for a double raft: (2 people) 240kg


• Paddle Weight – 250grms
• Dimensions: 30cmx15cm


This helmet is solid and fully adjustable.
It’s made up of a robust polycarbonate casing for better shock-absorption. Thanks to its many vents (14 in all), it’s comfortable and very well reinforced.


This is a Polyvalent semi-static rope, 11mm that is extremely resistant
• Certificate:
CE EN 1891 Type A
• Knot Resistance: 21kN
• Resistance to the sewn end: 24kN
• Force of Impact (factor 0.3): 5.1 kN


This is a pulley lined with fixed side plates and washers made of stainless steel, which can be used on zip lines that work on both cable and rope, with an integrated VERTIGO karabiner.
• Resistance to traction: 20Kn

John Deere Amphibious Vehicles
• Capacity to hold 4 passengers.
• Equipped with 4 seat-belts.
• Front and rear mudguards for protection.
• Reinforced door.
• Protecting ailerons for tires.
• Big capacity to adapt to the environment.