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“Mexico’s Sacred Paradise”

Our natural park, Xcaret, brings you the best of all that’s related to Mexican tradition and culture. This is a place where beauty, nature and cultural wealth meet in a heavenly location. It is located just 45 minutes away from Cancún, Mexico, inside the Riviera Maya. At Xcaret, you are a spectator to underground rivers, natural pools and infinity of marvellous attractions that promise nothing less but memorable times. Our structure is one of its kind, to the extent where you can have one of the very rare experiences of observing the first Mariposario (butterfly Pavilion) and a Coral Reef Aquarium undisturbed from their natural habitat.

At Xcaret you can also sit and watch as we bring to you festivals and ceremonies, dubbed as Intangible Human Heritage by UNESCO featuring the famous ceremony of Flying Men of Papantla, the celebration of the Day of the Dead, the mariachi as well as a delicious touch of Mexican cuisine.

As night falls, more than 300 actors will be waiting for you to join them on a musical voyage through our heritage. It is a bursting sensation of light and colour bringing you the best of Mexican culture and history. Come and be part of this moveable feast, and enjoy the cultural heritage and love for the environment through the knowledge and coexistence!



“The place where water is born”

Xel- Há is, by far, one of the best attractions in Cancún, Riviera Maya. A natural wonder where streams of fresh water flow from a network of underground rivers , the longest in the world, passing through caves and caverns to reach the Caribbean sea, forming, on their way a magnificent natural creek. 70 hectares of land and 14 hectares of fresh water make Xel- Há the most beautiful aquarium in the world. Inhabiting this are more than a 100 different species of birds, 220 species of plants, flowers and trees with a staggering amount of more than 90 species of marine creatures. This heavenly place is ideal for all activities such as those like snorkelling to admire the colourful flora and fauna living in the park.

Xel- Há offers you the unique experience of swimming with dolphins, tasting authentic Mexican cuisine and heaps of other activities involving both water and land, suitable for all families.

This is a universe dedicated to preservation of flora and fauna and to the respect of our ecology. In fact, our parks are on a continuous evolution, enacting programs that promote education on the environment to ensure the protection and conservation of Mother Nature’s gifts.

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