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Dare to try the highest zip-line in Latin America!

Fly over our jungle thanks to our zip-lines and discover the incredible view, exclusive to the Mexican Caribbean. Fuel your adrenaline and let yourself go on a zip-line ride at 30km/hr and refresh your skin inside our cenotes. The highest zip-line, 45 meters above the ground and 8 meters underground. 3.8 km of trail with which you’ll glide through the air, via suspended bridges and a slide, with the latest equipment on the market and a well-trained staff that is there to ensure your safety. This is, indeed, an adventure that cannot be missed!

For your own safety, our harness is adjustable and can be adapted according to our visitors’ height and weight. Minimum weight required for this activity is that of 40 kg (88lbs) and the maximum authorised weight is that of 136kg (300lbs). The circumference capacity of the harness belt is that of 51in and 27in for the legs.

*Minimum heigh : 1m40 or 40kg. Maximum weight allowed for the participation in this activity is 136kg. Only children over 5 are allowed.

Equipment and safety elements: Helmet and harness

  • Petzl Helmet
  • Petzl Pulley
  • Petzl Harness
  • Petzl Rope
  • Wire Rope

Let yourself go in this adventure!

Aboard our amphibious vehicles, follow jungle trails, cross suspended bridges and discover the underworld inside the heart of our mysterious caves. This is an incomparable adventure where the water level varies as you enter the cave and your excitement heightens as you go along. Don’t worry! Your vehicle is equipped to advance without damaging the engine. Live the experience thanks to this voyage that takes you across water, jungle and caverns.

*Only adults of 18+ are allowed to drive the vehicle. A valid I.D. must be presented for the purpose of this activity.

Equipment and safety elements: Helmet and Amphibious vehicles John Deere.

  • Amphibious J. Deere
  • Petzl Helmet

Immerse yourself!

Use your own hands to paddle from inside a raft through the paths over underground rivers at the heart of caves and caverns of unspeakable wonder. Admire the extraordinary rock formations surrounding you while glancing at the stalactites and stalagmites dating to millennia ago. Because the maximum depth of the rivers is only one meter, life-jackets will not be necessary. Prepare yourself to discover the wonders of our planet’s underground.

Equipment and safety elements : Helmet, rafts and hand paddles.

  • Xplor Rafts
  • Petzl Helmet
  • Xplor Paddles

Delve deeper and explore!

Discover, as you go along, the ancient underground paths created by water. Live the intense emotion of uncovering the process behind these rock formations that were shaped, drop by drop at the full sight of our nature’s patient eye. You’ll find lines to guide you through your journey and for those who dare not proceed, emergency exits are available every 100 meters of the way. The average water temperature is that of approximately 24°C. Join us in this expedition inside our earth’s wonders and discover the underground scenery that lies beneath.

Equipment and elements of security: Helmet and life-jackets.

  • Petzl Helmet
  • Live jacket

Safety and Recommendations

For your convenience, we suggest you come to the Park Xplor with shorts, t-shirt, bathing suit and swimming shoes, safety equipment is provided by us to you. +info

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