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In 1984, the architect, Miguel Quintana Pali bought 5 hectares in the Riviera Maya situated inside the state of Quintana Roo. While clearing the earth, he made a startling discovery – cenotes and magnificent underground rivers were laying just meters below him. He then felt that this subterranean beauty was far too important to hide and brewing in his mind was a project that would make these natural wonders accessible for the world to see - Building a park was the answer to that wish.

With the support of brothers Oscar, Marcos and Carlos Constandse, Quintana Pali gave birth to the idea of creating a park which he would later call Xcaret.

In 2010, the Xcaret Group merged with its 2 brother parks: the biggest natural aquarium on Earth at Xel-Há and the adventure park Xplor, recently inaugurated. Thanks to this partnership, leadership in sustainable tourism and social responsibility was established, offering comprehensive and complementary products, the best of recreational fun and unique experiences at the heart of our country’s cultural, archaeological and natural richness.

The ecological Park Xcaret: A majestic park, by the sea where you can re-live the best of our Mexican history through colourful traditional performances, with unique activities, a magnificent flora and native fauna.

Water Park Xel-Há: The Natural Wonder of Mexico is the ideal place for you to make the best out of an unforgettable experience that brings you in direct contact with nature. Inside the most spectacular aquarium of the Caribbean, you can swim and snorkel among hundreds of multicolour fish.

Adventure Park Xplor: an underground world tailored for the pleasure of the entire family. Filled with inexplicably exhilarant emotions, these adventurous activities lead visitors to the heart of fairytale-like sceneries featuring caves, caverns and underground rivers.

Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)

RSE is a formally recognised accreditation scheme for companies wanting to publicly and voluntarily engage in a responsible social plan that echo cohesive values in their codes of conduct, culture as well as their strategic business plans. To acquire this title, companies must satisfy 120 indicators, spread over 4 domains: Quality of life of the Company, Entrepreneurial Ethics, Links between enterprise and community, Care for the community and preservation of Nature.

Experiencias Xcaret is one of its kind, offering visitors adventures that bring together elements of fun, feeling and experience, all hosted at the heart of our parks situated in Cancun-Riviera, Maya. In fact, it is for this precise reason that value to ecology and sustainability features in all actions we engage in.

Every consecutive year, since 2002, our parks have been recognized as Empresas Socialmente Responsables del Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (Mexican Filantropic Centre for Socially Responsible Enterprises). What’s more, Xcaret et Xel-Há were the first Mexican companies to sign the UN’s Global Pact (2004/2005). Over the years, we have been able to understand and meet the interests of the government, the ecology as well as those of our employees, investors, visitors and suppliers.

“Xcaret is a part of Mexico that touches the souls of people on a daily basis. This motivation fuels our work with passion, pride and responsibility. The park’s strategic priorities took and will always take into consideration issues relating to our natural resources as well as our country’s people and culture”

Arq. Miguel Quintana Pali

(Cultural Social and Environmental Report 2008).

To learn more about our social responsibility activities, download here the complete report.

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